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About Radical PI Sport Co

The Fraternal Order of Sport

About Us

Radical PI Sport Co is subjective: It is what you make of it. For us—as in life—Radical PI is about making the best out of every living moment. Whether it is in the heat of competition or relaxing with friends and family, Radical PI Sport Co represents an inherent desire to enjoy and relish every opportunity and challenge that life presents. The Radical PI Sport Co community enjoys pushing physical and mental limits while recognizing the importance of leisure and the art of unwinding. From our unique designs to our distinct company mantra, Radical PI screams: Everyday in Everyway…Better and Better!

Radical Apparel

All of Radical PI Sport Co gear is fit tested. From our 50/50 sport-blended tees to our snapbacks, skull caps, and hoodies, R.P.S.C. not only designs and inspects each item, but we live, play, and compete in them as well.

Radical Skate Decks

Our R.P.S.C. skateboards are 100% American made. Seven layers of hardwood American maple manufactured to pro-quality standards.